Tips for Choosing Negative Words for PPC Campaign

Negative matching (excluded words) are the most straightforward of the match types. This feature stops an ad being displayed when the search term entered by the user contains a word which has been defined by the advertiser as not relevant for displaying their ad.

It is often a featured which is missed by less experience search market, but it has a great effect since using the right negative keywords can increase clickthrough rates and at the same time avoid paying for irrelevant traffic.

Ensure you review options for using negative matching to improve campaign ROI by preventing your ad displaying on irrelevant keyphrases entered by search users. This will help increase CTR for a keyword and avoid wastage.

In Google, a negative keyword list can be entered at campaign level as well as AdGroup level. This is easier since it means that some negative keywords apply to the entire campaign. For many campaigns this list will include words like: porn, images, download, free, etc.

Many advanced paid search marketers balance volume against relevance through combining broad matching with negative matching. Combine broad matching with negative matching can achieve a good balance between volume and relevance to help give you targeted reach.

The list of negative keywords you will put into this category will evolve over time. They will first identify obviously irrelevant keyword qualifiers using keyphrase identification tools and then study their web analytics data to find keyword qualifiers that don’t convert.

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